National Park Trip

6.300 miles in 11 days

This story is about our last long road trip before going back home. Started from Syracuse - Pittsburgh then we headed to Gateway Arch, Great Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Glacier, Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore 12 National Parks and Monuments May 2014

Travellers are: Hardani, Tari, Yoga and Putri

Great Sand Dunes in every grain of sand there is story of the earth ... us

Mesa Verde One of most notable and best preserved ruins in North America. Mesa Verde was the home of people during 13th century A.D

Byson steak Montana special menu dare to try?

As Upstate New York-er we oblige to take this sign as the background. 11th State admitted to Union!

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  • Nouz

    Dari dulu pingin nyobain! Jujur enak gak? Keras ya?😂


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