섭지코지 Jeju. South Korea.

"Seopji" is the old name for the area, and "Koji" is Jeju dialect meaning a sudden bump on land.

Magical. #seewhatisee

"Sweet April showers do spring May flowers."

Thomas Tusser

오늘의 인용구 네가 사는 삶을 사랑하고, 네가 사랑하는 삶을 살아라. “Love the life you live. Live the life you love.”

Zippo Museum.

We stay until sunset.

#Seopjikoji was the filming site of "Gingko Bed," "The Uprising," "One Thousand and One Nights" and other Korean TV dramas. And this is the reason my wife really wanted to visit Seopjikoji.

All pictures taken by Wira Siahaan. instagram @ceritawira #stellerid #stellerstories #family #travel #goexplore #southkorea #stellerspring #jeju #Fujifilm X-T1