SCARY DEATH HORSES ATTACK!!! Adventures in Iceland

Iceland, Summer 2015 A terrifying journey

That's me, Mendel, the bozo who had the genius idea to take a trip to this land of terrors. This was day one. Sure I look happy there, but just look at the mural above me and the horrors that would await me.

Here's my lovely wife who tried to warn me: "Why can't we go to Sweden? We'll be safe there."

The first thing we saw was a crazy, alien spacecraft.

Then: "I dare you to knock on the door of those creepy hobbit houses."

Have you ever seen a wooden nail monster with blue eyes so piercing that they absolutely paralyze you?!

Icelandic hot dogs' mystery meat-HINT: it's people.

Beware: Vikings!

Uh oh.

A cemetery on a volcanic island- YIKES!!

Cathy, in lava

Stay back: Rabid Ice Duck and floaty, icy things!

I know what you did last summer

When horses attack part 1

Nice horsie.


Ok, that's enough.


When horses attack part 2

Plug in headphones for blood-curdling sound!

Puffins, which roughly translates to English as: the most deadliest killer clown (like Stephen king's It), murderer of toddlers, Icelandic animal that can fly.

Please, I just wanna go home...


  • thematrioska

    OMG I've never seen so many wild horses, that was amazing (although scaringšŸ˜±)

  • mendel22

    Ha ha thanks