Miller's Travels From The Adventures Of The Magnificent Mister Miller Series

Do you know what one of Miller's favorite things to do is? He loves to look out the window and think of going on adventures. So when he goes somewhere with his family, he is very happy!

He likes to go to the park with the fountain and paddle boats.

The yellow flowers there smell so good.

And you never know what you might find to eat. And you never know what might be hiding under the stones.

There always seems to be some critter racing up a tree!

Another fun place to go is the beach. Miller loves to watch all the people relaxing in the sun and splashing in the ocean.

Last year Miller went on a special trip with his family to Mexico. That was a big adventure for him!

Find out where else Miller likes to travel and what happened to Miller in Mexico. Get Miller's Travels in iBooks Story and narration by Renée Sluser Photography by Miller's family Music by

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