national park

Heading to mini Africa in East Java.

We arrived just in time to see the sunset of Baluran.

The next day began with animal spotting around Bama beach.

Peeked by monkeys that were hoping we'd share our food in the canteen.

A snorkeling excursion followed, still at Bama.

Done filming the underwater scene, it was time for some bird watching and savanna run around.


More peacocks!

And a bird watching geek is really happy.

On to Bekol Savanna, which people say it's like a mini Africa.

Mount Baluran

(It's where the park got its name.) We came in the dry season, which was great because we're used to seeing green fields, unlike this one.

Aside to the awesome nature, we owe it to our travel mates who made it one of the most unforgettable trips.

For a complete story on our Baluran adventure, visit or watch the video at #StellerID

Thank you :)

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