Bandung, West Java

It's beautiful morning at Pasar Punclut (~stands for Puncak Ciumbuleuit), located in north part of Bandung, West Java. The sun had just raised when we stepped into this market. Most of the sellers seem to have already started their preparation. We were amazed and excited to see lots of things that we hadn't seen for quite long time.

Morning breeze, beautiful sunshine, very friendly people, colorful fresh fruits and vegetables, the tantalising aroma of traditional cuisines, and Cepot's smile ...all of them were coloring our morning.


Shortly after we walked a little further down the road, we stop in a Serabi Seller. Serabi with 'Sambal Oncom' topping, one of the old time favorites. Then we found so many delicious traditional delicacies.

Serabi, surabi or called srabi is an Indonesian pancake that is made from rice flour with coconut milk or just plain shredded coconut as an emulsifier. Each province in Indonesia has various serabi recipes corresponding to local tastes.

Serabi Telur

Kelepon; boiled rice cakes, stuffed with liquid gula jawa, and rolled in grated steamed coconut.

Cilok (~aci dicolok); stabbed tapioca balls.

Sate Kulit; cow skin satai served with peanut sauce.

Kacang Tanah Rebus; Boiling groundnut was sold with some soil stick on its skin.

*Surprising Market* It only opens on Sunday Morning and it's only a temporary market. We call it 'Pasar Kaget' (Surprising Market), meaning there is no market at that particular place during normal days or normal hours, but in certain time 'all of sudden' there is a market there for a several hours. ...surprise-surprise!

Combro ...anyone?

Tutut (Keong Sawah), freshwater snail.

Pepes Peda

Here, there is no separation among type of things to sell. Raw food was sold side by side with cooked food, or with non food merchandise. So we just have to walk through the road as a market corridor, and we will find different exciting views every time we step. Interesting! Raw Food, Cooking Ingredients... all are colorful, very fresh, some of them are very rare in this day.

Fresh, colorful, rare raw food.

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All pics (c) Vania Samperuru

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