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This is a story about me and my cousin's favorite food. Errr, to be exact this is about spicy food. 🌢🌢🌢 We are Indonesian, seasoning is one of our heritage so we love to explore in our food. We cook this meals for our family to begin with. Fortunately our friends and neighbored loved our food, so we started open for order by request under #LePawon project. I'd love to share this story for you all who love thing spicy and hot, enjoy!

We called it "Ikan Mercon" it's fish with hot and sour taste from chili and tomatoes.


[scroll down please] Red Chili Green tomatoes Belimbing Wuluh/sour starfruit Onion Garlic Salt

"As long as there's pasta, rice and chili in the world, I'm okay."

Le Pawon Pasta Collections: Spaghetti Rica, spaghetti Tuna and Fusilli Tuna.

We named it "Kailan Kribo", made from vegetable of baby kailan, we make it crisp and of course we pour it with ground chili 🌢 πŸ˜‹. We love to have this for snacking or even for dinner.

Spicy Cob Fish

Tongkol Berontak

"Tongkol Berontak" is Cob Fish combined with chili and basil leap.

Teri - Kacang. This is salty ground nut and white anchovies.


KTT Rame Rame

Kacang - Teri - Tempe

This is traditional soy mixed with ground nut and white anchovies.

Sprouts vegetable and salty fish cork.

Happy cooking, happy eating, enjoy your hot food! #LePawon #spicyfood #stellerfood #happycooking #foodphotography All pictures taken by iPhone 6. @laniusagi

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