Neo Coffee


I could compile a list of things I desperately miss about Melbourne and in fact I likely will, but I can surely cross excellent coffee off of that list. In my understated determination to find good coffee in Toronto Neo Coffee Bar has answered. The establishment is another perfect example of the 'look closer' mentality I've had to adopt since I landed two months ago. Most condo architecture in this city lacks interest and the result is retail outlets, cafes, and restaurants need to make do with the surroundings they have been given and Neo is a perfect example of this. Incredible coffee, horrific bricks & mortar. And that is why this venue is just so damn incredible.

The furnishings beautifully border Japanese and Danish inspired timbers fencing its surroundings in lovely symmetry, matching the typography in the centre of the store. The props are really nice to have as well. Little Bonsai plants lay throughout the cafe like little gems waiting to be discovered. The two styles of coffee machinery are highlighted front and centre as well. Pour over to your left, espresso to the right. Both equally hypnotising watching the baristas create art.

And of course the coffee is spectacular. They were also cooking (figuratively cooking) matcha which I hear is going nuts at the moment. Neo reckons they do as much now as they do espresso hence some days their signage is changed to Neo Matcha Bar