The Beautiful Crater

My First "S"

Series of my experiences hiking three highest peak on Central Java known as "Triple S"


One of the active stratovolcano mountain located in Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia. The peak altitude is at 3371 m above the sea level made it the third highest mountain in Java Island. This mountain will serves you never ending uphills and the absent of water supply resources that made this mountain is more challenging.

#chasingfog moment

After long hike we decided to build our tent at the third checkpoint

One Group

We found out that the 4 of us is the only hikers in this mountain

Clouds look so close and one of the best sunset I could get

Reached the summit before the sunrise

Sindoro Mountain at the sunrise moment

Mount Sindoro

Is located in front of Mt. Sumbing so during your hike you could see Sindoro at your back. Sindoro is one of the 3 highest peak on Central Java

When the sun up, Sindoro turn into a goldish mountain

The Crater

We did not know we able to explore this crater

We found a way and we're so happy

A long way down...

(From the left) Me, Mirza, Cipai, Andre

Went back to Jakarta

See you on the next "S"

Taken with : #em5 12-50mm #GoPro #Hero3+ Silver #iPhone5s #sumbing #sindoro #mountain #centraljava #stellerid #stellerstories #stellerverse

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