surprised and delighted

92 years

Painter. Mother. Cheerful optimist. Lover of color and candy. This is Barbara, aka Grammy.

Loves the ocean, the beaches of Maine, Florida, Jersey, Australia, Kauai. All places she’s called home.

1965 passport photo with her five kids. Taken just prior to travels through Europe, relocating to Australia.

Filmed in November 2011

a walk?

I'd rather have nap.

Barbara has a true appreciation of color. Her fondness for hue is evident on her canvases and in her closet. Even as a young girl I remember being thrilled by the invitation into Grammy's closet. It was full then, as it is now, of the most bold and beautiful colors. Red belts, turquoise shoes, a fuchsia skirt. She often encouraged me to take home whatever item most entranced me, though it surely was 4 sizes to big. She may well be responsible for my own love of color. If not, she at least nurtured that tendency, opened my eyes even wider to the tones of beauty.

"My life is lacking in candy."

one cannot disagree


are memories of life in Maine

For many, dementia can be . . . unsettling. For Barbara, it allows for surprise and delight, new discoveries each day. "I painted this? Today? Reeeally."

Arizona in the 1970s

"What was I looking for? I'm missing something, I just can't recall what." Good guesses include reading glasses, the yellow dress, or a missing earring. "All a girl needs to be happy is a new pair of earrings." Especially true when they go missing so readily.


"You're never too old to be

Though the naps are more frequent and the stories need more prompting, it is always a delight to visit my gran. Most recently, April 2016 in Lihue, Hawaii. @dibbledibble #stellerstories #stellersmile #stellermom #grandmother #family #dementia @steller

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