As an animal lover, my pets make me smile. And a #stellersmile story is just the place to demonstrate why they make me smile...

Sweetie Pie's instinct to hunt, and the collection of snow that accumulates to her hair. ...this makes me smile

Sweetie Pie's energy of adventure suddenly ends wanting to be held ...this makes me smile

Catching a treat is a work in process. ...this, makes me smile

Darcie, our very hairy, hairless sphinx cat, must investigate places she's never been. ...this makes me smile

Knowing when I'm preparing for a trip, and Charlie hangs outnear my pack. ...THIS makes me smile.

She knows when I'm leaving for a trip as well. ...this makes me smile.

The connections we have with our pets and the love we share, truly makes me smile.

  • copperline

    The truth! Harris makes me smile more than anything/anyone else in my life. ☺️ Which also means I recognise that look that Charlie is giving you on page 7! 🙈

  • rekalstry

    wowww 💕

  • iloveutah

    @rekalstry reka, thank you.

  • iloveutah

    @ninagraceless Nina! Thank you! 👋🏻

  • iloveutah

    @copperline oh Fiona, yes. You know all to well with your Harris! Love your stories and adventures with Harris. And yes, that look!

  • copperline

    Hey again 👋🏻 I just mentioned your story in my story! I realised when I was putting together #stellersmile how much of it was to do with Harris! So yesssssss... ☺️

  • iloveutah

    @copperline 👌🏻👌🏻 awesome. I'll check it out.

  • veredit

    Love all at your smiling story!!

  • cutekdub

    I love all of your pets!! I have two dogs that mean the world to me!

  • B__xy


  • Btbf

    I lost my pets, one of them is a cat ..... I still laugh, not only smile, whenever I see their videos/photos.. and it hurts.. they're the only beautiful thing I had...