The Secret Destination


There was boy who came from nowhere.

He was looking for someone whom he could share a map to the most important place of all. A place he called home.

He believed a visit to his home could change people's lives forever. For the better.

In order to receive the map, a person had to let go everything extraordinary and just be ordinary.

Nobody was willing to accept the boy's offer. They all left with laughter.

In a world that favored the extraordinaires,

the last thing people wanted was to be ordinary.

The boy was weary and heartbroken. He decided to return home.

As he was about to depart, a seagull flew by and told him there was someone who's curious about the secret map to his home.

One girl was waiting from afar. She had dropped everything just to be there and listen.

Carried by the wind and the birds, the boy began to speak his message.

"Your being there, and my being here, is the greatest miracle."

"The Earth, and all its life, are supporting us to connect at this very instant."

"The cosmos, and all its life, are supporting Earth which now holds our grounds."

"They're all here, creating this space, holding this moment, just for me to speak to you and for you to listen."

"When you become mindful, even the most ordinary thing will take your breath away."

"Life shall never cease to awe you. In every heartbeat. In every breath. If you allow it to."

"Your mind is the source of all wonders."

"When later we part and you're back in the rally of ticking off bucket list full of faraway places, exotic dishes, and rare experiences,

remember to stop by and visit me sometimes."

"But, where can I find you? Where's the map?" the girl asked. "You're from nowhere."

"I'm there with each of your breath, with each of your heartbeat," the boy answered.

"I dwell in the midst of your everyday life, I live among the insignificant."

"It only takes mindfulness to lift the veil that separates the extraordinary from the ordinary,

... to reunite you and me."

"I tell you where my home is," he whispered.

"It's now here."

Dee Lestari

Twitter/IG/Fanpage @DeeLestari Images by IG @eliciaedijanto & @sleepingatlast #creative #stellerid

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  • purpules

    "Your mind is the source of all wonders." 😍😍🌹

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    Please make more of these. I'm falling with every words that you made into a beautiful yet inspiring writings :')

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    For every books and writing, never fail to give me inspiration. Im ur biggest fans ❀

  • shesend

    So deep inside, thank you @DeeLestari. Can't wait another story 😘

  • sevianrd

    Why i can't understand about nowhere and now here? About this story:( still confused but i want to understand @DeeLestari What a nowhere and what a now here. I'm just a little girl which seeks to understand, can you tell me? Just a little bit:(

  • rai_el

    Breathtaking, kanjeng ratuuu :")

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    Seperti biasa... Bikin speechless 😊

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    Beautifully written

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    Lovely !

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    beautiful story <3

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    I love this story.. And I have heard of the ordinary is here , now!

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    Beautiful story

  • missc

    They say it is only right to " always be kind to a stranger for you never know what great battle they are enduring" .. YOU my dear, you and your exquisite awe inspiring and inspiring soulful stories and art and LOVE .. You have certainly LIFTED the heart of this stranger.. and i am sure there are MANY MANY hearts that you have filled. Sending you , your loved ones and all your followers LOVE AND ALOHA.. be well.. malama pono. Aloha Nui Loa, christina xoxo

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