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for dummies - like me 😁

I love comics, cartoons, and the toys made out of those. Not just collecting them, I also took pictures of my toys collections. Since last year I took pictures of them with well, a nicer and neater captures of them. I used to only captured them as they were and even sometimes blurry ones. But since the hype of Star Wars TFA and Social Media such as Instagram, a lot of toy photograph started to showed up. And they were amazing! So, as a millennial, I joined the trend. But of course with limited budget, limited resources, and very lack of skills. Haha. The latest I tried is a toy photography for the Star Wars Day. You know, the - May the 4th be with You - day. Again, with lack of everything (skills, budget, resources) I managed to created my best. Please enjoy

First, of course choose the toys you want to photographed. This time I chose my Stormtrooper Lego. Next, think about how would you want them to pose. Yes pose. To make the scene cleaner, I put some white papers. I've told you I worked with limited budget and stuffs, okay? I managed to put 5 of them this way above. And of course put the signature May the 4th be with You sign

After satisfied with the pose, start to took pictures from different angles. You might end up choosing the angle you didn't plan before because they look better. Haha. At least it happened to me several times.

After that, adjust the photo's setting. Such us the filter, brightness, etc, etc. I used 'fade' filter and adjust a bot of its brightness and contrasts.

And then this! The savior to all limited budget and skills like me! Snapseed! It's an app, you can download it.

Put a bit of Snapseed here and a bit of Snapseed there. Voila. The image is clearer and neater. Those paper edges are gone! Yay! Adjust some optional filters too to add dramatic effect.

VOILA! Here it is. All 5 troopers suddenly in a middle of scary-nowhere 😁 MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! HAPPY STAR WARS DAY!

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