Why I Hate

So, you think you'd like to go check out Prague city, do you? There's absolutely no good reason that you or anyone else should ever travel to this city for anything, especially for a vacation.

There’s really not much going on there

Prague Castle? Who need a castle in modern day?!

The city scene is pretty average!

REALLY?! Did you count it all?

The city of a hundreds spires

"Summer are just pain in the ass!"

Nobody go there.

There's no fun. Children clearly hate the city!

Music and artists are everywhere. So annoying!

Too many bridges! Way too many.


People talk about this not-so-unique Dancing House. Man, it's not even a house!

Who really need this big historical clock anyway?!


Architectural like this? Come on! Really?

You won't find any cozy place to eat!

And there's nothing tasty!

Even the snack is pretty dull! Trdlo. What a weird name for a food!

Nothing special about this longest public escalator in Europe!

Don't even think about it!

So, don't ever go to Prague!

Anyway, watch your wallet! #stellerstories #stellertravel #stellerplaces #stellereurope #prague #wanderlust #beautifulplaces @oglab

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