Indonesian Traditional Dish

Sate Ambal

Sate Ambal. An unique name, have a long list of spice ingredients, and it is served with no peanut sauce, no soy sauce, but... tempe sauce!

The name of 'Sate Ambal' came from a place called 'Ambal' that is located in Kebumen Regency, Central Java Province, and the dish is very popular in this place.

Sate Ambal is served with Tempe Sauce.

The sate, not difficult to be prepared. Make sure you have all complete fresh ingredients, it'll turn to a perfect dish. I cut the chicken meat slightly bigger (about 1x1x1.5 cm) and marinated at least 1 hour to allow the chicken meat absorbing the flavors, before grill it.

Happy ending... rich of flavor, perfect dish for dinner.

Making the Tempe Sauce

a.k.a Soybean Cake. Whole soybeans fermented into cake, wrapped in plastic or banana leaf.


Steamed Tempe

Steamed Tempe

All the ingredients mixed and turned to be delicious aromatic Tempe Sauce. Yellowish color, come from the turmeric, slightly sweet from the palm sugar.

Hhm... why this delicious dish is not really popular in this country?

* curious

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