동문재래시장 Jeju. South Korea.

Almost lunch time. Let's go to local market to find something to eat and local souvenirs. #seewhatisee

We ask the bus number to #Dongmun Market to a youngster at the bus stop. His name is Minjae. He offered himself as a guide until we reached the market. We followed him through urban areas.

Finally Dongmun Market. And after we took a picture together we say goodbye to Minjae.

#jeju Dongmun Traditional Market was built around 1945. Due to a big fire that broke out in March 1954, the whole market and the nearby area was reduced to ashes. The market then moved to its current location and kept the original name.

If you want to buy souvenirs for you family and friends then this is the place.

Lots and lots of delicious food. You should try the restaurant right in the middle of the market. But be careful, they give you really big portion that we really struggled to eat all of them.

All pictures taken by Wira Siahaan. www.ceritawira.com hello@ceritawira.com instagram @ceritawira #stellerid #stellerstories #places #goexplore #southkorea #Fujifilm X-T1