It's lollipop! It's cake!

Cake Pop!

Since last year, I always curious about this cute cake named Cake Pop. It's a simple roll-ball cake which served to us like a lollipop. So finally I gain my courage to what the heck the result will be; try to make it. So please enjoy this simple steps to make it 😊 Enjoy! 🍰🍭

What you need:

•A sponge cake - whatever flavor you like • A jam- whatever flavor you like • A chocolate block- again whatever flavor you like • Sticks Assorted tops - I use chocolate sprinkle

Crumbs the sponge cake. Make sure it turns into tiny separates parts

Until you have the amount that you want, add the jam little by little. Really add it carefully. You don't want it to be too soft because it'd be hard to mould into ball shape.

Mix it with your hands. Mix it well by also add the jam little by little until it become almost like a donut's dough

This is how your dough may look like. A bit dense and not crumbled

Take a tbs of the dough and then mould it into a ball shaped one

Round them all and then put them into the fridge for around 15mins to make the balls more compact.

While waiting for the balls in the fridge, now we can start making the dipping chocolate 😁🍫 Melt the chocolate until it liquid enough as a chocolate - you know what I mean, right 😁

So, after the balls are cool enough in the fridge, and the chocolate is melted enough, now let's start dipping them! 🍫🍰🍭😊

First, take a stick and then dip the tip of the stick onto the chocolate. * make sure you cut the sharp edge of the sticks first.

Then, thrust the stick right in the middle of the ball. Be careful when you stab it. Make sure you stab it right in the middle. Or else the cake could crack.

Dip the ball into the chocolate. As much as you like 😊

Right after that, dip it into the assorted tops of your choice. This time I use Colorful chocolate sprinkles.

This is how it look like! Yuummmmm. 🍰🍫🍭

Enjoy your lollipop cake! Your Cake Pop! 😊😊🍰🍭🍫

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