The land of thousand hill happiness


Is the happiness real ?

No, it's not

Or maybe i haven't find yet

Because i always keep everything by myself

Shame on me

This is a story in the land of happiness

Or i prefer to call it thousand hills Sumba

This is the place where i know that yes happiness is real

Happiness is only real when shared


Sumba is a part of East Indonesia. Sumba is dynamic mystery. With its rugged undulating savannah and low limestone hills knitted together I have to tell you guys about how magical this place. But let' the pictures tell you

Sumba has beautiful quite Lapopu waterfall which popular by its tosca water

This is the landscape that you will see during your overland journey in Sumba

Sumba often called as little Africa as east Sumba area is full of savannah

And hey, my number 1 favorite beach of Indonesia is in Tarimbang Beach, Sumba

Oh the blue sky, have i mentioned it?

And you don't need to stay awake to see the milky way. You can easily see at 08.00 PM every night

Oh i really love how Sumba preserve the traditional architecture

And wait....the sunset, they were all just amazing !

This land is a source happiness of people who living there and for the visitor like me

This is the playground of sumbanese kids

They dont know about gadget They dont know about theme park They dont know about mall

This is how they play

And this is their way of being happy

Sumba has taught me that happiness will always be real when shared, no matter where, how, who, when, and what as long as you share the smile to others


Kadek Arini is an Indonesia Travel Blogger. Her love to nature brought her hike the mountains, dive the sea, admire cultures in around the world Instagram : @kadekarini

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