Following the #calm theme

The guest judge for this week's #calm #sgiew theme was the rather wonderful Diana @paintsewgluechew. Your host has been me @incredibusy and Maggy @redtedart Search for #sgiew over on Instagram for more amazing photographs xx

An amazing grid with the theme #calm this week; thank you and congratu1ations to: 1) @kenziedevlin 2) @huds_life 3) @oh_merde 4) @grace_ful_lily 5) @abookishbaker 6) @mylittlethings 7) @workmanjane 8) @designangel 9) @beckini_kill

1) @kenziedevlin

2) @huds_life

3) @oh_merde

4) @grace_ful_lily

5) @abookishbaker

6) @mylittlethings

7) @workmanjane

8) @designangel

9) @beckini_kill

Thank you to everyone for taking part again this week; #sgiew is a "good" hashtag to follow and join in with on Instagram. So good in every way. Ali Clifford @incredibusy Maggy @redtedart

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  • abookishbaker

    Fantastic. Lovely calming pictures. 💙

  • incredibusy

    Oh hello! And thank you for taking part - love your photos 💙

  • designangel

    Thank you for sharing my photo! This is such a lovely way of viewing them! 🙌🏻💙

  • incredibusy

    @designangel I'm trying a few things... Dare I even try... Snapchat?! Love your photos - the theme this week is #perspective if you and the lovely @abookishbaker would like to join in @fearsandkahn Pippa is this week's judge x

  • abookishbaker

    I have really been enjoying snapchat @incredibusy. If you want to know how to get yourself set up I've a really easy guide on my blog.

  • incredibusy

    Oh yes I've been dabbling to some extent but will check it out @abookishbaker thank you x


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