every pictures has our little stories

The Corners

every person has their own favorite CORNERS with their own little secrets. so do we.. well let's imagine if you can meet someone who understood even the dustiest CORNERS of your mixed-up soul, wouldn't it be amazing?!

all pictures are the original private collection of ours.

Andika Dana Pratama's > 📷 < Putri Alita Gorda's

the identity of our CORNERS ••• tropical. bali. balinese. hindu. that's us.

Corners = Pojok (id) "..mojok dulu yuk!"

in the bedroom?! yes! favorite private corner.

do you remember the history behind the memorable corners of yours?

wonderful thing I decided to do was to share my work-life with you.

the yellow guys take a seat in the corner; the everyday supporters.

CORNERS that open up your mind. "hello books.."

"if you find yourself going in the circle, maybe you're cutting too many corners"

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