Cake Decorating

with Buttercream

When I create something, I love to make people happy. There's no joy like spreading joy. That's why I really love making beautiful cake design. Because it makes people smile and it lifts up my spirits.

Buttercream frosting is always be my favorite to work with. It's smooth, creamy and it tastes amazing spread over cake. I know buttercream is messy to handle, but it tastes so great rather than fondant. Fondant is super easy to mold into whatever shape you want. It's so smooth & clean looking, but still...I personally prefer buttercream over fondant. I use fondant though for cake decor elements. You can read my favorite buttercream recipe here

And please keep in mind, always crumb coating (thin layer of buttercream to lock cake crumbs) your cake to get a perfect smooth buttercream frosting.

Crumb coating.

Here are some basic buttercream piping techniques that I regularly use in my cakes. A few cool tricks can definitely make the difference between a boring cake and a cake that looks elegant and special.

How to make rosette using Wilton 1M tip

Or you can use Wilton open star tip no.21 to create small rosette.

Wilton round tip 1A. Horizontal petal technique.

Vertical petal technique.

A little modification of petal technique using open star tip.

It's fun, right? Now I will show you some techniques how to use Wilton rose petal tip.

Vertical ruffles.

Horizontal ruffles.

Flowing ruffles.

Flower petals.

Vertical flowing ruffles.

Double horizontal ruffles.

Wilton tip number 103/104

Wilton tip no. 81

Wilton tip number 61.

Wilton tip number 233.

Wilton tip no. 233 also comes in handy for piping grass.

Now, let's play around with round tip! You can create outline, dots, beads, lettering, stringworks, balls, lattice and lacework with this tip.

Wilton round tip no. 7

Wilton round tip no. 5

When it comes to cake decorating, practice makes perfect. This tutorial just scratches the surface of the possibilities when creativity meets buttercream. You can play around and do anything you like. Just have fun with it! #stellerid #cakedesign #creative IG : @ditut

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