Es Dawet Selasih

Traditional Beverage

Es Dawet Selasih

is Indonesian traditional cold beverage. It's very popular in Solo, Central Java. Serving in a small bowl, with many different components in it.

Cendol (the the green worm-like jelly), Tape Ketan (fermented glutinous rice), Biji Selasih (basil seed), and Bubur Sumsum (Rice Flour Porridge) were mixed inside the bowl and poured with thin coconut milk sauce and simple syrup. The aromatic flavor of pandan leaves and some ice cubes made it simply perfect. Really refreshing.

Some of the ingredients are ready in the supermarket shelves, there is no reason to be doubtful about preparing this beverage. We just need to prepare the Rice Flour Porridge, soak the Basil Seeds, and prepare the Coconut Milk Sauce and the Syrup, and mixed with other ingredients.

All were combined nicely inside my enamel cups. Exotic delicious flavor came from each ingredients, while the aroma of the pandan leaves that was used while preparing the porridge, coconut milk sauce and syrup, wrapped them all. Exotic refreshing beverage.

If you travel to Solo, don't forget to visit Pasar Gede (means: Big Market), the oldest and biggest traditional market in Solo, one of the place with many hidden gems. From fresh products, traditional cooking wares, to the many delicious authentic traditional food. Inside the market, you can find the row of the Es Dawet sellers.

Find the complete recipe on my blog Adventurelicious

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