A place to remember

July 2015 Me and my family went to Hongkong for a short trip during holiday. I only had a chance to go to a few place because our tight schedule. I'll show you the pictures that describe how i feel about HK enjoy

Hongkong China Ferry Terminal

Big Budha

Hongkong have a place up in the hill that contains a lot of tourism building, such as this BigBudha place. You can see a big budha statue and temples. To reach that place you can go for a hike or simply just take a cable car.

City Light and the Skyscrapers

You can go to the rooftop to see a beautiful light of Hongkong, but i prefer to go to Tsim Sha Tsui. Maybe all the tourist will go to that place, but it's worth it.

Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center

Garden Hill

In the middle of Shek Kip Mei residences area, we can see this hill. You can climb up the stairs and see this beautiful view.

A casual day in HK street

Stride by series

The Transformers Building

This residence building is the one that been used for setting in one of a scene in Transformers movie. That's why they call it the transformers building

Buildings and Residences

"You can leave HongKong, but it will never leave you"

Nury Vittachi

All photos taken by me Thankyou all Find me on Instagram @johanesadriano #stellerstories #steller #places #placestogo #hongkong #stellertravel #travelphotography #stellersmile #travel #stellerid @steller