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This is the story on my food when I had great lunch in great place. H Gourmet & Vibes Jakarta, Indonesia

Welcome to H Gourmet & Vibes

H Gourmet & Vibes

Jl. Gunawarman No. 41 3rd floor Jakarta, Indonesia #food #foodstories #foodblogger #storyoftheday #resto #Jakarta #Indonesia

Hello H Gourmet & Vibes #Hgourmetvibes

Feel the vibes

H Gourmet & Vibes is a home of Southern American soul food & NYC-inspired cocktails. It's located in Senopati premium area. They serve you from day light till late night.

The newest members of soul food family

H Gourmet launched their new menus on early April 2016. They had several menus from starter to dessert. My attention goes to their new (H)ouse cut. #menu #appetizers #maincourse #dessert

Newest Soul Food

#food #story #yummy #belly


• Fresh Prince (#appetizer #salad #salmon #tuna #lemon #fresh)

Fresh Prince Salads

A huge plate of tuna tartar, cured salmon, seared scallop, eggplant, Brie, arugula, wakame, kiuri, tomato, lemon juice, and ponzu. This starter made my mouth watering & it could be for 3 pax sharing.


• Peanut Butter Chicken (#grill #chicken #savory)

Peanut Butter Chicken

Grilled juicy chicken served with peanut butter sauce, roasted berry purée, roasted tomato water, and mashed potato. The peanut butter nicely blended with the grills. I love these sweet sensation when it touched my taste bud.

(H)ouse cut

Choices of cut (200g) • Rib Eye • Tenderloin • Sirloin With choices of style: surf & turf, summer, dapper, bbq. (#steak #meat #meatlover #grill)

Rib Eye with Surf & Turf

a perfect grilled of juicy 200g rib eye served with beef prawn gravy, mashed potato, asparagus, scallop, shrimp, and special sauce. This is so perfect, taste so delicious, great moist grilled rib eye, and indulging my mouth.


• Key Lime Ice Cream (#dessert #icecream #sweet)

Key Lime Ice Cream

Sweet chewy ice cream with soft lime taste. Such a cool combination after had so many savory bites.

Behind The Scene

It was actually a blogger luncheon. Now I wanna tell and show you how food blogger's life looks like while having a food tasting. #bts #foodblogger #life

How food blogger's life

We make photo longer than we eat our food. Photo first, belly then.

Find perfect spot and perfect natural light to create photo.

Styling our food using properties around, friend's hand, and separate your scene from others. Hahahaha

2 hours later..

After long styling, directing our friend's hand, asking for properties placing, waiting our turn capturing flat lays, And this is what you get..

And our expression after 2 hours capturing food be like...


😂😂😂😂😂😂 ✌🏼️✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

Thank You

I hope you like my #StoryOnFood #stellerstories #stellerID #foodstory

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