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Our daughter got bullied by another student in her school. She was sad & scared but never told us & the teacher for months. Then one day her teacher realized something is not right and notified us. At home, we asked our daughter. She cried when she told the whole thing. "I'm too scared to tell to my teacher." Then we asked "She will protect you but first, you have to tell the whole story. Why don't you create a comic story about this & share it to her?" She loved the idea, made the story about it & gave it to her teacher.

And this is her comic story. (illustration & story by Leia)

"In break times I got distracted by EMAN! But some times Eman poke me, hit me & pinch me. I don't like her doing that but... some times I hide."

"When I was about to put my hand, I got pushed by Eman. She did it when I was in Rec 2. But still she does it in year 2."

"But now I hide, I'm free to go because I found some friends to play with. But I'm a bit scared she will do it again."

"How I feel?"

"Now I feel a bit fine. I gave the book to Mrs. Baker. My mom said Mrs. Baker will protect me. But I'm still feeling a little bit scare of her."

"At last Mrs. Baker was a super teacher."

"I feel better after I drew the comic & gave it to my teacher."


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