Seascape Paradise Seascape Paradise

So many times I've been visited to this hidden paradise. It's located at Banten province, Indonesia. Along 65 kilometers coast line, we can find a lot of white sand beaches, huge waves and exotic rock formation. Sawarna is one of the great sunset and sunrise spot especially for photographers here in Indonesia #sawarna #sunset #sunrise #waves #rock #Photography #indonesia

Tanjung Layar Beach

The icon

Tanjung Layar beach, one of the favorite place in Sawarna area to capture sunrise and sunset moment

Cibobos beach, Bayah

One of the sunrise spot in Sawarna area, Legon Pari beach

And the sun came up...

"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin"

William Shakespeare

The Chance

Milky way over Tanjung layar beach After 15 times visited, I'm so happy to have this rarely moment...

This is the best culinary food at Sawarna ▫️▫️▫️

Grilled Lobster


The rock formation is about 5 meters high, so you can imagine how high the wave is.... "I 💙 Sawarna waves"

Just let it flows... 〰〰〰 Try to catch the waves at Karang Taraje beach, Sawarna

Sunset moment at Cibobos beach, Sawarna

Warmed morning at Karang Beureum beach, Sawarna

Karang Bokor beach - Sawarna

Sunset at Tanjung Layar beach

It's more than just sunset and sunrise...

Unfinished business with you..Sawarna, Till we meet again and again... ➰➰➰➰

Thank you for stoping by... Meet me at Instagram @ariamphibia Pictures taken by Fujifilm XT1 and Haida Filter System ▫️▫️▫️ #fujifilm_id #gofujifilm #terfujilah #haidaindonesia #steller #stellerid #stellerearth #stellerindonesia

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