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The Baduy, who call themselves Urang Kanekes (Orang Kanekes, Kanekes People), are traditional Sundanese communities who live in Lebak residence, Banten, Indonesia. Baduy people resist foreign influences and vigorously preserve their ancient way of life. The Baduy are divided into two sub-groups; the Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy), and the Baduy Luar (Outer Baduy). There are 3 Baduy Dalam villages (Cikeusik, Cikertawan, Cibeo) and 53 Baduy Luar villages as the companion villages for Baduy Dalam Village.

... the journey. 26-27 . 09 . 2015 Together with tens of friends from 'Backpacker Indonesia' community we joined a special trekking event, visiting Baduy villages & staying overnight in one of Baduy Dalam villages.

We brought along our 2 teens.

A bamboo bridge across a boundary river between Baduy Dalam & Baduy Luar. From here now on, we should shut down all the electronics.

Entering Baduy Dalam >>> "Where the land is stepped, there the sky is upheld". "Di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung".

Indonesian Proverbs

no camera no gadget NO ELECTRICITY no soap no toothpaste no lipstic no toilet

at Baduy Dalam Village

...after another 1 hour more walking, finally we arrived in a Baduy Dalam village, where we stayed overnight without electricity, gadgets, toilet, no chemical things such as soap, tooth paste. Took a bath in a nearby river, had a simple humble dinner & breakfast; steam rice was served with salty fish. Kampung Cibeo, the village where we stayed was very quite & peaceful. I met many nice & strong ladies who were doing the house chores while carrying their child at the same time.

Since taking photographs is not allowed inside Baduy Dalam area, let me give you the 'picture' of the situation there.

The houses exterior are similar with Baduy Luar houses (see the pic later) & 100% made of natural plant materials; i.e. timber & bamboo for the frames, columns, elevated floors & walls. Woven sago leaves for the roofs. No windows. No stones, rocks, bricks or sands. Rocks are used only for the 'foundation' of columns; i.e. a column is standing on top of a rock which laid on the ground by its gravity only, without any cements or other glue compound. This is to avoid the timber or bamboo columns in contact directly with the ground soil.

In Baduy Dalam, no steel nails are allowed to be used. All connections are made of 'male-female' fittings & natural ropes from plants skin. Steel nails & saws are allowed to be used in building Baduy Luar houses. Inside each house, there is no really furniture. All things are done on the floor; sleep, eat, cook, sit, etc. All houses in Baduy Dalam villages are facing north-south axis. The alleys inside the village are covered by rocks but not really arranged in neat formation. It's pretty hazardous when you walk at night without light.

There are no toilets nor bathroom in Baduy Dalam villages. The daily business are conducted along the river. Male & female areas are separated but still visible each other. Male area is in the upstream side of the river. When night falls, the village turns almost completely dark. No electricity including batteries. But thank God, visitors are still allowed to use torch light. No cell phone signal is available, either.

... we are completely isolated from the outside world.

at Baduy Dalam Village

the next day ...time to leave.

Agus, a typical Baduy Dalam teenager. Very nice and helpful.

The popular JEMBATAN AKAR crossing a Baduy river. It took about 2.5hrs walking from kampung Cibeo (the Baduy Dalam village where we stayed overnight) to reach here. During a hot day & dry season, swimming in this river is very refreshing. The water is fresh & clean. Right in the middle below the bridge it's about 3m deep. Some brave Baduy Luar people like to jump in from the edge of the rocky river bank...

A century old Jembatan Akar, a bridge made of natural root & branches of two trees.

It's nice to chill out in the super clean river, after 2-3 hours up-down hill walking from Baduy Dalam Village.

Baduy Luar Ladies.

A huge thank you for their hospitality.

Traveling. It leaves you speechless. Then it turns you into a storyteller. Ibn. Battuta #steller #stellerstories #stellerid #place #places #travelphotography #travel #indonesia #baduy

Ready to go home with smile... All pics (c) Vania Samperuru Pics were taken using Canon EOS M, 22mm fix lens.

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