a capella tutorial // yabba dabba dooo !

yabba dabba doo ! so excited to share this. Special thanks to Simon Akkeson for this beautiful arrangement. There are 6 vocal parts. It's a lil bit hard, but I know you can do it. Let's go !

#bass part. The last note is only for a man πŸ‘¦πŸ»

#baritone emm this part is easy.

#tenor4 when we sing a song like this, it sounds like no sense, but if you reach the last part, you'll understand the harmony.

#tenor3 time to use falsetto !

#tenor2 now the harmony is really cool !

#tenor1 now the melody, My fave part !

It's a tutorial that might help you sing in a capella style. To sing this kind of arrangement, you need to practice and understand the progression chords. Here's the final result.

Flintstones Theme Song

Yabba dabba doo ! Finally we can finish all the parts. Ask your friends to sing this if you don't understand how to multi track the parts ! well, Thank you for reading this story.

Instagram : @jorog credit to simon akkeson #music #acapella #creative #stellerstories

  • motulz

    Keren kak..! semacam Theme song The Flinstones versi Manhattan Transfer

  • pmd

    so cool!

  • rioktag

    lo gila, lo asik banget

  • jordanfoy

    Dude, please do the james bond theme tune, I recon their is about 5 parts to that you can pull apart! SO GOOD!

  • dini

    Ah gila! Bagus banget!!!

  • karen

    So amazing !

  • jorog

    terima kasih mas ! @motulz

  • jorog

    thanks much ! @pmd

  • jorog

    sama lah kaya lu bang io 🀘 @rioktag

  • jorog

    makasih yaaa @dini

  • jorog

    absolutely ! I'll make the arrangement ! thanks for requesting @jordanfoy

  • jorog

    hallelujah ! @karen

  • avianti

    smooth banget kak! kereeen.

  • aryabakti

    holy molly this is the sh*t!!! so amazingπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ