Voice Challenge


There are 2 vocal parts in this challenge but you are not allow to inhale 'till the last note. follow the instruction and repeat exactly what the video shows you.

Remember, no inhale ! 😋 #1

#2 lower part, no inhale !

well dont open te next page 'till you master these 2 parts. what ? easy !? then it might sounds like this....

Instagram : @jorog 🇲🇨 #music #acapella #stellerstories

  • jordanfoy

    These stories are so different! Very cool

  • jorog

    Thank you @jordanfoy 👍 This app has a really good feature. It will be good for me if it more than 15 secs, and message collumn for communication :) Just a suggestion. Thanks for stopping by !

  • jordanfoy

    Thanks man! I'll keep this in mind!

  • Dita

    @jordanfoy I know right! He's amazing!

  • jordanfoy

    @Dita Me and @mombo absolutely love it, it's such a fresh way to use Steller and I hope to see many more of these! I couldn't help but smile, I viewed the Michael Jackson one like 5 times!

  • Dita

    @jordanfoy @mombo me too! I just saw his account. And like WOW! I read all of his stories over and over again.

  • aa_aoth

    Wow... Your voice is cool... Full song accap please :)

  • jorog

    Thank you my friend ! @Dita

  • jrdnpwrs

    This was great man!

  • jorog

    Thank you buddy ! @jrdnpwrs

  • pmd

    so amazing! Love this!!!