Pergola Hill

and gardens

Sunday morning we found ourselves exploring what felt like a forgotten world. Built in the early 1900s by Lord Leverhulme who wanted an extravagant setting for his Edwardian garden parties as well as a secluded space for his family. After his death the pergola fell into decline but what exists today is eerily beautiful and atmospheric. Eden & Haven may not have appreciated the history but they loved running up and down the walkways!! Would you believe this place is in Hampstead, London?

And then we left the space to return to its quiet contemplation

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  • copperline

    Beautiful photos 🙌🏻 and what a place!

  • Catherine_F

    Thank you so much Fiona! Yes it's a magical place I'm still stunned I only just found out about it @copperline

  • r1mahmud

    The kids is so cute! Love them, love the place!