Cinque Terre

The Colorful Villages

Back in 2012 when i took the train from Florence to Nice for road trip, I passed by some nice beaches with some colorful houses on the cliffs. Since that, I always kept in mind to go to that place. 2 years after, after my bestfriend's wedding, finally i made a road trip to this place, Cinque Terre.

The Cinque Terre or The Five Villages is a string of centuries-old seaside villages on the rugged Italian Riviera coastline. What makes these towns unique because in each of the towns they have colorful houses, vineyard, steep stairs & roads and some fishing boats bob in harbors. In some towns there's no car/motorbike allowed, so to get here you can take the train or park your car at car park a bit far before enter the town.


This is the village where I stayed for 2 nights. I could say this is the nicest village compared to other villages. Not too touristic, quiet and the view is really nice

Small streets everywhere to wander around

View from our airbnb

It also has 'beach'

These houses is one of the reason i was there

Manarola view from the hill

On my way hiking to Corniglia. Then I realized it was a bad idea because i didn't bring my hiking shoes and the distance was too far. Corniglia is the only village i didn't visit. The village built far above the ocean on the cliff, and to get to the town center you have to hike.


It's the smallest village in Cinque Terre but also has rocky beach and big waves.

Monterosso al Mare

This village has proper beach where you can swim, sunbathe and play around there. This village is the biggest village in Cinque Terre. It has many streets and cars driving in the village

These colorful umbrellas that i saw from the train was also the reason why i want to visit Cinque Terre

I could spend hours here


It has one main street, a harbour, rocky beach, church, pharmacy and dozens restaurant. Take a walk till the end of the cliff and you can have a nice view of the village

I guess they are gossiping about some tourist

Steep stairs everywhere

Everything looks beautiful

Hilly road

Distance between each village is around 5 minutes by train

To visit Cinque Terre, stay minimum 2 nights there, so you can have time to visit each villages, and don't forget wear comfy shoes or your feet gonna hurt

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