Behind white walls

Lasem is a unique old town. Different to most old cities in Indonesia, life is hidden behind alleys of its white walls.

Beyond them... Some had heritage houses. Not all were maintained well.

Some had grapes.

Some had batik factories.

Some had secret holes to transport opium.

Some had fancy tiled floors, made in Lasem. Even the factory was charming.

Some were pretty cool.

Some had tempe factories. Tempe is soybean cake, slightly fermented with yeast, and a high protein source. It's one of my favorite foods.

But all with open doors, accepting hungry kids at all times.

After being behind a lot of walls, time to play outside. Now, where are we off to next?

Some pictures were taken by @windyariestanty. Our Instagram: @Indohoy. #StellerID #Lasem

  • widyawanal

    tempe dengan rasa khas berbungkus daun jati