a capella tutorial

Scatman John

Today we're going to learn how to sing scatman John. But this one starts on the chorus part. Why not the intro ? because the intro part is sick ! let's get right in to it !

We start from the bottom one. ya it's a lil bit confusing and there's no sheet for this.

ugh, excuse my voice. This prooved that you don't need a really good voice. you only need to sing perfectly lol !

This part maybe a lil high for some people, use your head voice.

well,,, what would it be without the melody part ? catchy !

well I think that's all. but remember, when it comes to audio file, you need to mix it and master it. I think you can do all the parts, right ? lets mix the video end the mixed audio !

Scatman John

Wow! sounds awesome and dramatic I think ? meh. okay guys have fun with this tutorial. request is a must ! thanks for stopping by here ! see ya on the next one !

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