A capella tutorial // Intro


In this page, we're going to learn how to sing the intro of " I want you back " by Jackson V in a capella. here we go !

This one is the bass part. Easy right ? go to the next part !

well this part is an accompaniment. The note is flat but to sing "pa dam pam" emmm... practice makes perfect ✌️

The same accompaniment, but It's 1 octave higher.

Now we're getting close! This part contains beautiful sound. we need harmony right ? πŸ‘

I think this one makes more beautiful right ? try to not be influence with the other sounds.

After you master all the parts, let's mix those sounds. so excited !

I want you back

well thanks for following this far. I hope this content is usefull for anyone who passing by this page. see ya on the next one ! ✌🏻️

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