a home of stingless jellyfish #HiFromIndonesia

So many people asked me How did you feel being surrounded of jellyfish ? Don't you afraid of being stung ? Did you touch them ? Are you sure they don't sting?

Kakaban Lake

Kakaban lake is a part of Derawan archipelago in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. In the middle of this island is a mangrove-fringed lake, slightly above sea level, where thousands of jellyfish which are harmless available.

Welcome to Kakaban Lake, the habitat of stingless jelly fish

The jellyfish evolve of being stingless due to no predators existed at the lake hence they don't need to sting to cover themselves.

So don't be worried, they don't sting

It felt like jelly when you touch it

I've been dreaming to have my own natural swimming pool which has a very clear water.


Here it is my favorite beach ever like i never find any type of beach like this. People said it's quite similar to maldives with its white sand beach and tosca colour water. Maratua has the typical of huge sand beach, and the coral would be found far from the beach. So it's really a good place for them who still learn to swim on the sea.

As the water is very clear, you can easily see fishes swimming around your feet

Still think twice to take off your clothes and jump to this natural swimming pool ?

Are you sure you don't wanna floating and take a break of your busy life?

How To Get There

- Fly Jakarta - Berau PP (3.400.000) - travel car from Tanjung Redep to Tanjung Batu, 3 hours PP (300.000) - If you already arrive in Tanjung batu, and you are going alone, you can join a big boat by paying 50.000/person, or you can hire a speed boat with max 5 person for 3.500.000/boat (include island hopping for 2 days 1 night).

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