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I was glad that my country has a huge variety of food. Every island, every province, and every city have their own signature dishes, and they all taste GREAT! These ones are my kind of comfort food. They come from West Java Province in Indonesia, or know as Sunda or Parahyangan.

Sundanese fried chicken. They usually use a small-sized chicken, or "ayam pejantan". The taste is superb! It's super tasty, with a touch of sweetness on the outside..

Sundanese omelette. Not an ordinary omelette. It has sliced shallots and chillies, and chopped chicken liver and gizzards in it. You should taste it first then make a comment..

Sundanese steamed fish. One medium sized gold fish is steamed with a variety of spices and herbs, then wrapped in a banana leaves. They cook it in a presto pan, so it is very soft, including the bones. And you can eat every single part of the fish.

Fish soup. They use grouper fish for the soup. The taste is very refreshing, and a little bit tangy.

Curried crab. A high colesterol yet very delicious dish I've ever taste. I enjoy eating crabs.

Fresh vegetable. In West Java, we used to call these "lalapan", means a variety of fresh and raw veggies, usually consists of cucumber, small eggplant, lettuce, cabbage, basil, and tomato. Dip it in hot "sambal".. Feels like heaven!

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