Pillow Bread

Bolang-Baling, actually is a fried bread, like donut. It has rectangular shape, puffy, and also some people like to call 'Roti Bantal' or Pillow Bread. This bread is popular in Semarang, and some other places in Java.

Originally, one of the important ingredients to make Bolang-Baling is ammonia. I'll not talk about this ingredient, because I'm not familiar to use this ingredient in my kitchen, so I used the recipe that use baking soda instead of ammonia.

If you are interested to make this bread, please be aware about the fermentation time that takes about 3 hours.

Some Bolang-Baling were sold in Pasar Gang Baru, Semarang, inside a glass box behind a bicycle.

Do-nut Worry, Be Happy

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