Heaven on Earth Ora Beach

Maluku, Indonesia

Ora beach, a small piece of Heaven loacated in Seram Island, Indonesia. When I got there, I was so stunned. Oh My God. It was so Beautiful. Crystal clear water everywhere.

The boat that took me from Saway Village to the beach

It took around six hours from Ambon by ferry, car, and traditional boat. There is a cottage named Ora Eco Resort. This is the eco friendly resort with limited electricity (only turn on from 6pm-2am).

The bridge to the rooms

Behind my room

Crystal clear water

Tebing Batu

Saway Village

Saway Village

How to get there: - Fly to Ambon from Jakarta or other cities from Indonesia - Use ferry to Seram Island. From Tulehu Port (Ambon) to Amahai Port - Heading to Sawai Village by Car for about 2 hours. - From Sawai village use the small boat to Ora beach. Only 15 minute Do not worry, the transportation from and back to Ambon will be managed by Ora Eco Resort.

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