So the sun was out today, which is an extreme occasion in the UK... Suns out, guns out.

So I live in a place called Chester. It's really small and really old but I love it. I decided to go for a walk today, just aimlessly, gives me time to think about the week ahead.

Chester is full of really amazing Roman architecture, all incredibly preserved.

There isn't much to in this city in terms of events or things like that, it's just not big enough but when the sun does come out the city comes alive.

Get ready for how cool this birthday hat is!

I love walking across the rows. I haven't been to another city that has this and it's somewhere you can walk and stop and just people watch.

I heard a crashing noise and a loud mans voice, no idea what this was but it attracted a lot of people.

So I continued walking through the rows, then I came across this really awesome band. It's rare to see musicians that are actually good in the streets but these were really stand out! I would of Facebook live'd it but because Chester is so dense we don't have 3G or 4G.

They were awesome and I hung around for about 30 minutes but then I had to rush off... the football game was starting soon, and I can't miss that!

Have a great weekend.

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