beach house shopping

I can't possibly be the only one who fantasizes about discovering the perfect beach house each time I visit the ocean. If I had a (few) million dollars...


I played this very game during a solo week spent wandering the Oregon Coast on my lonesome. (Gotta keep yourself entertained somehow!)

Lots of factors must be considered. Do you crave a fanciful shape?

Something turquoise?

A little funky perhaps?

Something named after you?

Maybe a dandelion cottage?

Great landscaping?

Is spooky your thing?

Or is beach access most crucial?

A place with a little whimsy?

All the options must be considered!

A great deck for summer lounging?

A modern marvel?

Should it be cozy?

Or wavy?

Tucked into the woods?

Close to coffee?

Equipped with ridiculous views?


Which do you find beachy keen?

I choose funky!

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