A Humble Picturesque Town


KOTA GEDE A historical neighborhood in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. A silent witness of the rise of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom that once ruled almost the entire Java, besides being known for its silver craft. Pics (c) Vania Samperuru

Alun-alun village, Purbayan. A residential area that is consisted of 9 joglo 'javanese' houses.

... blast from the past.

For me, Kota Gede is a picturesque town. Every corner has its own beauty. Traditional, pretty. It's nice spending our evening walking through the small alleys .

... knock ...knock ...

MONGGO local chocolate outlet is a must place to stop by in Kota Gede. This is what we get when Belgian Chocolatier 'create' unique chocolate using the selected cocoa beans from Javanese, Sumatrans and Celebes Plantations.

'Have a Simple and Humble Life'

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