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Japan is known for their first quality products. Fruit is one of them. I've visited a peach field, owns by a four-generations farmer family. Their dedication was a path to success. Now, they are known as one of big suppliers for fresh fruits in Yamanashi.

Peach is one of the biggest fruit comodity in Yamanashi. Summer is the harvest time for peach.

This is Nakajima family. They are the third and fourth generation of the farmer family.

Peach trees are so close to the ground. Even a little child can pick the fruits easily.

It's harvest time!!

Is that all?

Nope! Here comes Grandpa Kuniyo Hosaki. He brought a bunch of fresh grapes in his hand.

I was mistaken. He brought not only a bunch. But more...

...and more...

...and more...

...and more... Yep! It's a grape, Everyone...

And voila! A full basket of different kinds of grapes...

Beside of peaches, Hosaki's family also grow grapes in their farm.

And persimmon, which were not rippen yet at that time...

Tama-Chan is a lucky girl!

The peaches are so sweet...

...and the grapes have different flavor from one to another. I mean it, the flavor of every type of grapes is very different, and very addicted..

Oh.. I also met Grandpa Hosaki's mother. She's almost 90 now and yet very healthy and still looks energetic.

"There is no substitute for hard work." Thomas A. Edison

Grapes are not only to be eaten. Some types of grapes are usually proceed to become wine. And in Yamanashi, it is common to open your farms for tourists. After visiting Hosaki farm, we went to a different vineyard to learn to make my own wine... ^^

The grape is different from what we've seen at the previous farm. Yet, this one tasted really sour.

This farm in Fuefuki has a various packages for tourists who are willing to learn to make wine. And after they make the grape juice, they can design the label, and take the wine home.

Um... That was Dian and I making our grape juice. We had to put the sterilized boots on, and started to crush our grapes by feet. That was fun! >.<

After that, we designed our wine label, printed it, and put it on the (different) bottle full of wine.

Since I was not allowed to drink wine or any alcohol beverages, the wine is still standing gracefully in the cupboard.... ^^

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