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Japanese food is the best. I tried to capture all the food I've eaten in Japan. I scale the taste with * to ***** Hope you'll enjoy it, because I'm starting to drool now..

Japanese Omurice. ** Fried rice covered with omelette, and served with soya sauce.

Yakitori. *** Grilled chicken and vegetables.

Torimotsu. **** Sauteed chicken liver, gizzard, and quail eggs, served with noodle, rice, salad, and miso shiru.h

Small cozy restaurant in Kofu-shi. Great ambiance, yummy homecooking.

Saba Shioyaki. **** Grilled saba fish served with vegetables and pickles.

Fish and seafood are the main ingredients in most Japanese dishes. But they always served vegetables, pickles, and miso soup as the side dishes, along with fragrant white rice. Most Japanese believe that they have to finish all their food. I was quite surprise when my Japanese friends keep eating eventhough their stomachs were already full -well, at least mine was full. So, only order one meal at a time, especially when it served in set menu.

Fried Chicken. ***

Houtou. *** Yamanashi traditional dish. This thick noodles usually served in a cast iron bowl, with misu soup, veggies, and pumpkin or kabocha.

Chicken Bowl. ***

Chicken Katsu Bowl. ***

Unagi Bowl. ****

Truffle Mousse. ****

Seafood Salad. ****

Beef Stew. ****

Most Japanese restaurants served homecooking menu. It usually runs by couples, and has a small space.

Udon with Boiled Chicken and Fresh Vegetables. *****

Fried Ebi with Cold Soba. ****

Torimotsu with Cold Soba. ***

Assorted Tempura with Cold Soba. ****

Traditional Breakfast. ***

Funka Curry. *** Beef curry rice that looks like Mount Fuji. You can order it at the restaurant in Mt. Fuji 5th Station.

Chicken Obento. **** (I always love Obento!)

Salmon Obento. **** I LOVE Japanese Obento. You can have everything in the box. Yes, I mean EVERYTHING! If you order salmon, for example, you'll also get chicken or beef, and vice versa! And don't forget about the rice, omelette, two kinds of salad, korokke, a slice of cake, and of course, soup. A box of Obento costs around ¥1,000 to ¥1,500 normally.

Fish Obento. ****

Beef Obento. ****

Sanma Shioyaki. *****

Doma Doma is one of the favorite places to hang out in Kofu-shi.

Deep Fried Smelt Fish. ****

Fried Mochi with Cheese. ****

Omelette with Tomato Sauce. ***

Taco. ***

Onion Rings. ****

Bamboo Chicken with Raw Egg. ****

Ikayaki. ***

Takoyaki. ***

Vanilla Cheesecake with Vanilla Ice Cream. ****

Yaki Masyumaro Banira. **** Seared Vanilla Ice Cream

Ice Cream with Soya Powder. *****

Mizu Shingen Mochi. ****

Fresh Salad. *****

Chocolate Ice Cream. ***

So, which one is your favorite?

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  • SumaRinTama

    Usually omurice is served with a dash ketchup on top but it's good to find something traditionally


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