The Patagonian story

Part 1

From the very first glimpse of this place, your life changes. It's a place that has had such a profound impact on me and I really think it's changed me for the better.

This is the first series of images I've managed to get to since returning from this incredible place, I literally have 100's so please be patient and I promise to keep sharing

The wind is sometimes (well most of the time actually) super super windy in Torres del Paine, the last shot was a real battle to get the grass all still enough for an acceptable image. In the end I had to focus stack 6 images to get it to work

And then some days the wind just stops. This morning was the most insane of the trip. The light was mind blowing. It lasted well over an hour and I cover well over 1km and shot 4 different compositions

The dead trees are amazing subjects, yet so hard to get right. I have a tree shot coming that will blow your mind.

Now, the next shot was over a year in the making. A failed attempt last year due to torrential rain made the conditions you're about to see so so special!

The next couple of shots are just some gear shots I took, I love the behind the scenes stuff so I try to shoot as much as I possibly can on these trips.

This glacier is 27km long and 500m wide, last year it lost 13m of its height across the entire glacier

Stay tuned guys there's more to come

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