and its charm

We hear a lot of righteous speeches telling how to save the earth and sustain the environment. Ironically this also often comes from those who leave a lot of carbon prints. Maybe us included. On this #EarthDay we're reminded that traveling doesn't always have to be far or use up so much fuel. Sometimes what you're looking for lurks somewhere near you.

Hence, a train and bus ride to a few places in West Java. A neighboring province with Jakarta where we reside.

tubing & body rafting

is a big attraction in Pangandaran nowadays. It's most fun when you do it with a bunch of fun friends who are crazy enough to laugh at silly positions the current makes you do.

Always do what the instructors tell you in terms of safety precautions, but expect a bit of scratches here or there.

But worry not. There's always the calm after the 'storm'.

You may have heard of batik, a drawing technique using 'canting' and hot wax. In Tasikmalaya, we saw it done on wood sandals.

And I proved how hard it was, so, bravo to the batik artists!

A visit to Kampung Naga in Garut is a visit back to the simple days. People are welcome, but be polite and respectful of their way of life, we must.

Batik is ubiquitous especially in Java. This one, still in Garut.

As a token of appreciation to the artists, and because the batik was simply beautiful, we couldn't resist shopping.

The visit to the neighbor destination was only a few days long, but we had a lot of fun. A hot water spring dip in Garut was a great closing.

A few posts about our fun trip in West Java are up on our website indohoy.com and IG @indohoy. Now, have you been to places near your home for vacation? Tell us about it in the Comments. #StellerEarth #StellerID