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Japanese Breakfast

When my friends and I visited Japan, we got a chance to stay with a Japanese family. Well, actually, it's my Japanese friend's family. His parents came from Tokyo to be our host for one night.

We met Higashi family in an Italian restaurant near the house.

Mr. Higashi is a business man in Tokyo. He and his wife are very modern and open-minded.

After the warm welcome dinner, we went to onsen nearby. We arrived at the house at 9 pm. We chatted again for a couple of hours before going to bed. The women stayed in a different house at the back of the main house. We had to cross a small bridge covered with bushes. The second house is as cozy as the main house, but instead of sleeping on the bed, we decided to sleep together in the living room using tatami and thick blankets.

The house is a wooden house located in Hokuto, Yamanashi. The Higashis used to spend their winter holidays here.

I forgot to take more pictures about the house. But I can describe it as both traditional and modern house. It is made from wood, and the interior is very Japanese. But the house is fully equipped with the newest technology, so you'll feel really comfortable staying in this cozy house.

At 8 in the morning, we were ready to start the day. We went back to the main house to help the Higashis preparing the breakfast. Mrs. Higashi made us a delicious miso soup and egg salad, and we were free to choose a variations of breads and condiments, and of course, fresh fruits.

That was me, peeling the eggs with Mr. Higashi.

Such a humble person.

Thank you for the hospitality!

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