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Again, I was so lucky to witness the last Hanabi Matsuri or Fireworks Festival in Yamanashi last summer. The festival located on Fuefuki Riverbank.

People gathered at Fuefuki since afternoon. Most of them wearing yukata, one of Japanese traditional clothes. The basic difference that can be seen between yukata and kimono, is in their fabric. Well, yukata comes in cotton fabric. On the contrary, a kimono dress comes in silk fabric. Another difference that can be seen, is that yukata is worn during the summer season.

Do you see the difference?

Both women and men can wear yukata, but of course the style is different.

I think I'd rather wear this than kebaya.. >.<

Ishida-San (right), helped us to wear yukata. There are 12 steps, which I already forgot.. *grin*

This is the Fuefuki riverbed. People sat on the existing mats on the ground, or they can sit on the steps by the riverbank.

People are allowed to bring food and drinks here. But what surprised me most was, there was NO TRASH at all, when the festival was over. Salute!

Before the festival started, we walked around the festival area to look for food..

Takoyaki is the most favorite snack ever in every festival in Japan. So we bought one.

And kakigori, or shaved ice with syrup, is the best mate, especially during summer.

Ready.. Get set.. Go!

There were about 10,000 fireworks was launched that night. The sky above Fuefuki River was really beautiful and colorful. That was a great show. I can't imagined how they designed the fireworks.

With Ishida-San.

After one hour, the festival is over.

It's Dian with two cute local couple.. ^^

And a couple of days later, we went to one hill at Fuefuki. We were going to see the making of Japan fireworks.

This is the firework-maker. I'm sorry I forgot his name. He's been doing this business for more than 10 years.

These are what you need to make a firework.

And this is how to do it..

Different size of fireworks ready to launch..

And this is the giant launcher..

Those are for the small ones..

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