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Every season in Japan has its own uniqueness. Summer, is one of the best, because there are plenty of festivals in all around Japan. One of them is Sunflower Festival in Akeno area. People come to see the sea of sunflowers which only blooms in summer, or only three months in every year.

The sunflower fields are organized by local people. They have a group of volunteers, who takes care of the sunflower every year.

The sunflowers stop blooming at the end of summer, or in late August. After that, the fields will be abandoned until the next seeding seasons in spring.

That's me! There should be Mt. Fuji showing as our background. But I wasn't that lucky.. *sigh

These girls come from Kyoto only to see the festival.

Next to the fields, there was an area full of food and drinks stalls.

You can find many kinds of food and snacks. From grilled meats to grilled corn. From soft ice cream to local honey in a jar. They were so tempting.

Japanese loved soft ice cream. There are ice cream anywhere anytime, even when in winter. And this one was made from sunflower seeds. Taste great!

I loved these men! They said that I'm "kirei".. ^^

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