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I LOVE Japanese food! And one of my goals when visiting Japan, is to taste as many local food as I can. Yamanashi itself has so many traditional food. In summer, they have a unique dessert called Shingen Watercake; Koshu area has a dish called Houtou; and on our way to Hokuto, we found an unique restaurant serving uniques dishes made from local ingredients. Please, expect unique, not bizarre.. Here we go..

One sunny day, we were heading to Hokuto area. The scenery was stunning, as always.

This looks like an Indonesian students' drawing: Two mountains, a long road, and rice fields..

It took about one and a half hour car ride from Kofu-shi to Hokuto-shi. And suddenly, the car stopped in front of a small restaurant. I thought it was closed, since the place was very quite. Too bad I didn't take the restaurant picture from outside. It was very unique and attractive. Maybe the owner is also an artist or an architect.

There he was. Yes, he is the owner, the chef, and the interior designer. He runs the place by himself. I lost his namecard.

I found a mallet! :D

And there is a swing inside the restaurant,. with my friend, Higashi-San on it.. :D

The chef said, the place used to be a storehouse or a barn. But he bought the place, and turned it into a cozy restaurant. The chef didn't have any printed menu. He didn't even bother to ask the guests about what they want to eat. The menu changed everyday, depend on what he found at the morning market. He was consistently using fresh and local ingredients in every menu. And the dishes was surprisingly delicious!

These were the menu he served me. A couple slices of fresh tomatoes, a slice of tofu with pickles, a small plate of chopped spring onion and ginger, and a bowl of thick noodles with sliced boiled chicken and alot of fresh veggies on top of it. I ate them with a splash of broth and soya. Really delicious. Maybe the only ingredients he cooked were the noodles, the chicken, and the broth. *excuse my bon cabe*

Yamanashi also known for the special dessert, Shingen Mochi Watercake. This delicate dish only sold during the summer, in one dessert shop in Daigahara area. It's a must try!

The shop is always packed of people during summer. They came from all over Japan.

The cake looks like a drop of water. It is made from agar-agar, a kind of seaweed, so it taste really fresh, and it's halaal. This watercake tastes plain, so we should eat it with the syrup and soya powder.

Queueing time : 45 minutes, eating time : 3 minutes :D Price is around ¥300. But it's worth it. I love it because it's not too sweet, just right.

And I'm curious about the taste of dango. So I bought a pack of it. Dango is made from sticky-rice powder. This tastes sweet and a li'l bit salty.

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