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Back in 2014, I took a trek from Pokhara to Dhampus and then ending it in Sarangkot to view the Himalayan mountain range. #solotrip #stellerverse #stellerid #places #adventure #nepal #travelphotography #stellerearth #action #goexplore

After a 30 minute walk into my trek, this was my view.

Me with Jimmy, my trekking guide.

Walked for about 4 hours on the first day. I have never trekked before in my life so it was quite tiring.

but, when I reached the village of Dhampus, and saw the Himalayas. It felt liberating.

Trying to update my instagram, I can only get reception if I raise my phone as high as possible.

As night time falls, I had a candle light dinner alone, with a plate of daal (lentils).

day two. #nowplaying Here Comes the Sun

After enjoying the majestic sunrise, I had to continue the trek. Heading to the town of Sarangkot. but before that, one last view of the mountain.

This was my trekking route yesterday, from bottom all the way to the top of that hill.

A curious girl, walked closer and closer towards my camera.

after a 30km trek, arrived in Sarangkot and called it a day. Too tired to take any sunset shots.

the next day.

another sunrise to view. This time from the highest top of Sarangkot. There were more local tourists this time, as it was a public holiday.

Before leaving, I visited Jimmy's house and took a picture of him with his wife.

and did a final selfie, over-jumping the Himalayas.

for the route back to Pokhara, I decided to fly.

"You don't have to be fit to trek, you only need to believe that you can make it."

Expansion Dahal, owner of Kathmandu Adventure Treks

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